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It will be a resurrection of the habitat of the 1964 experiment. Pahia was slower in getting ready and The Chief was already in the water- He submerged and was down just a short duration when he popped to the surface and "Stepped on the Bow of the LCM", He was speechless and looked at Pahia-who was still standing on the ramp. After a few minute he compose himself- he explained that he was under the LCM and something bumped him hard on the arm, he thought it was Pahia.

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At the conclusion of the experiment, the habitat was brought to the surface and returned to Panama City. Hodges was born on March 24, 1929 in Littlefield, Texas, the son of Guy and Alice Martin Hodges. He was the owner of Ernie's Caf on Bank Street for the last 33 years, a friend to everyone he met. in Fulton-Theroux Funeral Home, 181 Ocean Ave., New London. IT TOOK ME A LOT OF "BEING SOBER" WHEN SHE CAME THERE, ABOUT 2 TIMES A MONTH, SHE WAS WORKING AS A "WESTERN SIZZLING STEAKHOUSE" AS THE WAITRESS SUPERVISOR, AND RAISING 1 BOY 16 YEAR OLD BOY, 2 DAUGHTERS WERE MARRIED. He received orders to a ship and then to the East Coast.There it remained for years being used for a variety of submerged tests and as a platform for the Scientists-In-The-Sea program. Through the hard work and financial support of many dedicated people, the habitat has been largely refurbished and will soon be open and available for all to see. He was a member of the Elks Club, Shriners, The Moose Club, VFW, The Polish-American Veteran's Club, The Navy League, Chamber of Commerce, Democratic Town Committee, "Old Bastard's Club", and was a 32nd Degree Mason. Hodges is survived by his two sons, Robert Hodges, of New London and William Wydra, of Ledyard; his six daughters, Roxanna Ackerman, of Ohio, Lola Holden, of Illinois, Regina Seidel, of Oakdale, Glenna Hodges, of Oakdale, Ramona Hodges, of Niantic, and Chrystal Wydr, of Ledyard; 14 grandchildren, eight great-grandchildren, and a great-great-grandchild. SHE WAS MARRIED FOR 15 YEARS, AND DIVORCE FOR 12 WHEN I MET HER. We were going thin Parachute Training at Fort Benning and Ens.Craig Cooper and Jim Mc Carthy both of the Institute of Diving and the Man-In-The-Sea Museum have been driving forces to make this happen. Sometimes we stopped at the Golden Rod in New London, Conn. "Bobby, God watched you as you suffered and knew you had..." - Jim and Amy Noble New London - Bobby G. I WAS A "PLANK OWNER" OF "BRONCO'S" AND SPEND 8 NIGHT A WEEK THERE, WHEN I WASN'T WORKING OFFSHORE. Hazelwood was going thru at the same time He had to get a waiver because of his age. James Roy Hazelwoods brother was going through Jump Training at the same time (Army) and he was going to quit.Bobby and his family and Doc Riojas Family lived in Oakdale Conn. We were ship's company on the USS SKYLARK (ASR-20) We sometimes used to stop by the U. (I LOVE COUNTRY MUSIC, AND I WAS A GREAT TWO STEP DANCER.), YOU KNOW HOW THAT GOES, WHEN THE GIRLS SEE HOW WELL YOU DANCE, THEY WATCH AND SEE IF YOU'RE BY YOURSELF, WHICH I ALWAYS "RAN SOLO" AND THEY WOULD ASK ME TO DANCE! All of the pictures and other graphics and important information in that book are included here. Roy told him that isnt the Hazelwood tradition and really chewed him out. This was during the time that President Kennedy was assassinated.https://plus.google.com/photos/107694047446362759008/albums/5822376589327417025? authkey=CPj Ajoq W47CBc Q and: https://plus.google.com/photos/107694047446362759008/albums/5822575821606722433? authkey=CLSr7c S_k Omf0g E Jim Blackshire commented on your photo in US Navy Deep Sea Divers. There also were a couple more incidents that were memorable LT ANDERSON (OINC) and LTJG Harry Mackenzie lived in quarters some distance from the mens barracks and we had a 4X4 for transportation.Jim Blackshire Wrote: Aug 19 NSDS, Jan '75 was same. One morning we went out and all four tires were Flat.

Frozen wet suit, sitting in the mike boat waiting for your tun to get in the water - water was like a nice warm bath compared to air temp. Lt Sorenson (cousin to PRESIDENT KENNEDYS SPEECH WRITER) asked if we would like a ride to the UDT Barracks We said sure We rode up and all at once everybody was after SN Gerald Berg and SN Ted Matheson to pay up.Diving down river He O2, started getting CO2 build up while on the bottom. It seems that Matheson and Berg had been taking bets that we would walk to work.MDV Caltenback had them bring me up, had a #72 drill bit broken off in my venturi. **FOR THE VERY BEST RESULTS, PLEASE MAXIMIZE SCREEN. The SEA-DWELLER came about because members of his SEA-LAB teams were experiencing the crystals poping-off their Rolex Submariner watches during decompression because of the build-up of helium gas in the Oyster case. It was obvious who had let the air out of the tires.TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE ADVANCED SOUND PACKAGE AND SURROUND SOUND EFFECTS, PLEASE VIEW WITH VOLUME UP AND WEARING QUALITY EARPHONES. ** Diving Log Sheet at UWSS Groton Conn Sub Escape Tank Instructors Richard Short Richard Short Richard Short Mary Bonnin 1st Woman MDV Why are there so many photos of Joe Fontana? Bob Barth came up with the idea to build in a helium release valve in the Submariner. I turned to the Chief and said, " Ill let you handle those energetic Seamen".Just because he worked alsong side of Hank Mullikin for maniy years before they retired from USN Joe Fontana, Salvage DV, 1st Class DV, UWSS SCUBA Rolex developed the Rolex SEA-DWELLER with the U. In an upcoming part of The Complete History Of The Rolex Submariner & SEA-Dweller we will be enjoying a podcast interview with Bob Barth and we we will also learn all the amazing details of the development of the SEA-DWELLER with SEA-LAB. Chief Hazelwood, found a hand-Tire pump and made them pump up the four tires to 35 lbs. The other incident was off the Island of Aniwetoc (not the Atom Bomb Island), and we were laying explosive.SEALAB ONE "CHRISTENING" On November 11, 2016, at 1500, the hull of SEALAB ONE habitat will be "christened" in Panama City Beach at the Man-In-The-Sea Museum. The Chief was always a perfectionist and ready to go, his diving partner was James Pahia.