30 year old dating 50 year old

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30 year old dating 50 year old

And we're glad to know that George has a beautiful home to grow up in.

She spent a week bonding with George at Kate's family home in March under the watchful eyes of Carole and Michael Middleton, while William and Kate flew to the Maldives for a second honeymoon. But George doesn't give his parents or nanny too much hard work - in fact, a senior aide told Nicholl that on the family's recent trip to New Zealand and Australia, "George didn't really suffer from jet lag-he settled down very quickly".

The trip was a hugely successful one for the royal trio, not only because the family went down a storm down under, but because "George learned to "cruise" during the trip-shuffling along while holding onto furniture-and was close to walking", reports.

Nicholl also reports that the Queen gave the family special permission for William and George to fly together, as direct heirs do not usually travel as a pair.

And lastly, how have the Cambridges been handling the constant media glare?

Forget the Monday blues, we have the most exciting news ever, Kate Middleton is pregnant, and it's confirmed and everything.

Clarence House has just tweeted: "The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are very pleased to announce that The Duchess of Cambridge is expecting their second child" This will be the second child for Prince William and Kate Middleton, and will be a brother or a sister for Prince George.

According to the BBC, much the same with K-Middy's first pregnancy, the duchess is suffering from very acute morning sickness and is being treated by doctors at Kensington Palace.Prime Minister David Cameron tweeted he was "delighted by the the happy news that they're expecting another baby".Clarence House says that the duchess will no longer accompany Prince William on their planned engagement in Oxford on Monday.The sickness - called hyperemesis gravidarum - is a condition that may require supplementary hydration, medication and nutrients.SOURCE: BBC's royal contributor, gives us an insight into the private lives of Prince George, his nanny and even his future family, revealing that "there are rumours among the couple's friends that they plan to try this summer."Another royal pregnancy? We all know Prince George as a "media star, a style icon, and a P. triumph", as Nicholl puts it, but apparently George has been enjoying a (relatively) normal upbringing, visiting friends' homes and, it is said, consuming huge amounts of food.Nicholl reports that for the first few months of his life, the prince cried all the time and wasn't sleeping through the night - but that when Kate introduced solids, George finally slept through!

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