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Since the year 2000, evidence has emerged -- mainly in North America and Europe -- of widespread child sexual abuse within the Roman Catholic Church, and of subsequent payoffs and cover-ups by the church.

Probably most such events are caused by miscommunication during a dating situation.

There is really no reliable data which demonstrates whether religion plays a role in this phenomenon.

We have never located any trustworthy evidence that sexual abuse of pre-pubertal children is higher or lower in fundamentalist/other evangelical churchees when compared to the Roman Catholic Church, other faith groups, or in society as a whole.

David Mac Donald of Catholic reported: "In 2001, I heard the evangelical radio show "Focus on the Family", hosted by psychologist and author Dr.

James Dobson, discuss a crisis among Pastors of non-Catholic churches.

They reported that 21% of evangelical/Protestant pastors had had inappropriate sexual contact with members of their congregations.

Sixty percent (60%) of evangelical pastors, most of whom are married, have a problem with pornography.

In a 1984 study, 76% of pastors knew of another evangelical pastor who had sexual intercourse with a parishioner.

The vast majority of these cases of improper sexual behavior would have involved an adult parishioner who consented to the activity.

However,some were assaults were on children and youth.

Wikipedia has a list of scandals mostly related to American Christian evangelicals.

The vast majority involve fraud associated with miracle healings, financial wrongdoing, same-sex behavior, or seduction of adult parishioners -- often as a result of counseling sessions that turned sexual.

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