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Suffering through a bad date makes time stand still, and renews my appreciation for the confines of my apartment.

These are some personal accounts of awful dates before these singles came to Whats Your Price.

“While out one night, a mutual friend asked me out.

I agreed to the date, even though we barely knew each other. He was a doctor, and literally talked about himself for 2 hours. When I got up, my legs were so stiff from being crossed that I fell over.

I was literally bored stiff.” -Kristin, 27 The Solution: Before the initial meet, I always like to call someone.

When you already know you’re going on a first date with someone, having a simple phone conversation should be a no brainer.

Take it to the telephone to make sure the two of you can hold a mutual conversation.

“A coworker of mine set me up with a nephew, and he sounded great.When we got to lunch, I realized instantly he was not my type.As the date went on, I learned that he didn’t have a job.He planned to simply ‘go to school and get stoned for the next few years.’ To top it off, he actually lived in his parents basement. ” -Angelica, 23 The Solution: Successful set-ups are few and far between.Take the guesswork out of dating and choose your own companion.At the very least you’ll be able to see if they’re hot.