Cfinput not validating

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Cfinput not validating

It was suggested that they don't even have a list of them.

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Maybe the new Adobe purchase of the good stuff as well as the bad stuff *cough*coldfusion*cough* will allow them to make it better, ha, ha ha, that's [email protected], That list on the Live Docs is pretty big.They really just need to get rid of this feature altogether or just use the _cfformurl style notation that won't be confused with other valid field names.It's not just the "time" I had fields ending in "date","creditcard", "digits", etc...This is about the most useless Cold Fusion error ever! They don't even give me a template or a line number or even what FORM value they might be talking about.I started commenting out all the code I had just put in until I narrowed it down to this code: Ahhh, then it hit me. This form field ends with the word "Time." This has to be one of Cold Fusion's worst features every brought / kept into existence; because this form field ends with "time," Cold Fusion will try to validate the form field "usage_cap" as being a valid time value.

Does anyone even use this Cold Fusion validation style?

How do you sleep at night :) Yeah, there are a few of those that trigger the autovalidation. We should have asked for an application-wide setting to disable that 'feature'.

I haven't seen anyone actually use the convention validation, I have seen folks spend a lot of time trying to diagnose the resulting, and unintentional, error.

Put it in the same bucket as Yes and _required and _numeric have caught me in the past when just using the names that someone else used for data in the database!! Now I warn all students who attend my calsses so that hopefully it won't get them too.

Here's a funny couple ones, try _applied or _employed. I definitely agree that this is as dumb of a feature as building an application server on java (I have to restart it or close file handles just to modify files.) The development cycle of using coldfusion is hilarious compared to more professional solutions.

I asked around for some kind of reference to a list of these 'dumb' names.

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