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He will present the real estate outlook in India as well as answer any questions listeners might have.Here's another highlight - you can post your question on any topic pertaining to Indian Real Estate.

And when it comes to repatriation of rental income, an unlimited amount of money can be repatriated every year.

And as a couple, you can repatriate upto $ 2 Million per annum (approx Rs.6 crores based on current exchange rate) out of sale proceeds and an unlimited amount of rental income every year.

To make it easier to understand, we will talk separately about repatriation of Principal amount (i.e.

the original funds invested) and repatriation of the capital gains (profits earned on the sale of property).1.

If property was purchased entirely with funds brought into India through banking channels (i.e.

external funds that were either directly transferred to builder or seller’s account or funds that were transferred to your own NRE/NRO account first and then paid to builder/seller through issue of a cheque from this account) or through funds already available in your NRE account, the entire principal amount can be repatriated without any lock-in period for an unlimited number of properties (incase of residential properties, repatriation is allowed for unlimited amount for the first 2 properties and for the third property onwards, there is a limit of $ 1 Million per person per annum as explained below).

Incase of residential property, unrestricted repatriation of principal is allowed only for first 2 properties purchased and sold by an NRI in his lifetime.From the 3rd property onwards, the principal portion has to be first deposited in an NRO account from which a maximum of USD 1 Million (approx Rs.6 crores) can be repatriated per financial year per person.This annual limit is explained in detail in the following paragraphs.Incase of commercial property, there is no restriction on number of properties who’s principal amount can be freely repatriated.The entire sale proceeds (both principal and profits) must first be deposited into an NRO account and then a maximum amount of USD 1 Million can be repatriated per person per financial year.This limit of USD 1 million per person per financial year also applies to repatriation of sale proceeds of The respective rules explained above apply in proportion of funds invested.