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I wouldn't move unless the new CMS supported this forum structure as well.

They are also tied to The Lodge, a paid-access area, so payment profiles and permissions are involved there. Any given user might be a basic subscriber, or a forums moderator, or forums admin, or site admin, or blog contributor, or lodge member at one of the different levels, or any combination. Just planning out all the things that need to change and how would take weeks. When I have a complaint or problem, it's usually something fairly minor and absolutely not a show-stopper.The new CMS would need an extremely sophisticated user management system. We shouldn't be afraid of doing hard things if it's the right thing to do. I'd have to hire the majority of it out, so in addition to the time, the cost would be huge. I wish that thing was better, but I move on with my life.Moving all the data and maintaining the structure of URL's, as well as all the users, would be a monumental task. But moving CMS's for CSS-Tricks isn't the right thing to do because there is very little to gain. Again, there is no automatic export/import that is going to get anywhere close. Possibly the most important point: I like Word Press. I recently was slightly annoyed that didn't work as I expected it to. Chances are someone is going to look at that and either fix it or tell me why they aren't going to. The releases are frequent, impressive, easy to install, and nicely varied in focus including frequent security and clean-up releases.I think the biggest perceptions of what I would gain are: Features is out. The (large) team not only care about the software, they care about the vision behind the software, they care about the company, and they have incentive both personal and business to keep it working well.I somewhat regularly ask questions about Word Press stuff on Twitter.Usually when I don't know how to do something or I'm seeing behavior that I didn't expect. There is no simple automated export/import procedure for moving a site like CSS-Tricks.

I did write a book about Word Press at one time, but even when I was immersed in that, I wasn't an expert on every aspect of Word Press. When I ask a question, I'll always get at least a few responses like: As if up and changing which CMS I'm using would somehow solve this small issue I'm having. There is a blog with over 1,500 posts and 62,000 comments.

Sometimes it's a friendly poke, sometimes it's trollish, but more often than not I think they truly believe that moving CSS-Tricks off Word Press to whatever their favorite CMS is would be a smart move. This tends to be the thing that is easiest to move between platforms. These represent things like videos, almanac entries, and snippets.

These use about 20 different unique page templates in a moderately nested structure.

That's a lot of custom content in custom structures at custom URL's.

There are forums on the site with about 130,000 unique posts.

Only recently have I gotten the forums into Word Press itself which was a huge win.