Danni is not dating simon

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Danni is not dating simon - dating companies london

As Simon Cowell prepares to be a dad to Lauren Silverman's baby, HELLO!

Dannii Minogue admits she has a close relationship with Simon Cowell, who picked her for the X Factor panel.

And she confesses it's caused a split between the judges.

But she says the rumours, which began when she was seen leaving the BBC studios after Children in Need, got carried away.

She prefers a "man's man" like TV chefs Gordon Ramsay or Marco Peirre White.

Dannii admitted it looks like she's holding hands with Simon in the photo, but said if you look closely, you can see she's laughing."It's at that point I realised from the angle of the camera that it looked a lot different to what it was.""I think it's just the easiest conclusion to jump to."Simon and her do flirt, she admitted.

"But that man could flirt with a book, a wall, anything," she told the Sun.

"I don't fancy him and I don't have a type I go for but I like a man who makes me laugh, who's intelligent and speaks his mind."Maybe I should go for a chef because an ideal date for me would have to involve food."Gordon Ramsay's sexy.

I met him at the GQ awards and thought, 'Yeah, you're lovely.' I haven't met Marco Pierre White but my friends adore him.

you could never be with a guy like that, he's too outrageous, but it doesn't stop you liking him."Marco and and Gordon are proper men's men.

I need someone to sweep me off my feet."Dannii admits the judges have become divided. I've looked up to them for years and I wanted to be part of the gang.

Verbal attacks from fellow judges Sharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh have left her in tears both on and off screen. But when they're slating you, you think, 'Please don't, I really like you.'"I've certainly had to toughen up," she said.

"I've had my ups and downs with Sharon and expected that. "If I have the winner this year, I can come in next year and say 'RIGHT!