Dating coworker rules

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Even better if they're in a different department.2.

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Obviously you should risk less for a one-night stand than for a chance at true love, which comes along less often than a charming little watering hole or a decent job offer…3.If you decide to take the risk, then set some boundaries and come to a few understandings.For example: What happens outside of work, stays outside of work; there will be no abuse of power, no sexual harassment, and no sexual harassment law suits; there will be no special treatment or undeserved promotions; when you meet up after work, there will be a set deadline at which point all shoptalk must cease, etc.Of course, you can't predict the erratic behavior of the psychotic co-workers you choose to bed, you can only be responsible for your own good behavior and pray for the best.If you're gonna dip your pen in the company inkwell, you MUST do it right.Sneaking into the unoccupied conference room on your lunch break…

leaving dirty Polaroids under each other's keyboards…doing it on your boss's desk while he or she is in the Hamptons.Dipping your pen in the company inkwell may not be exactly in the modern workplace, but most of us have dipped at least once.It used to be that love on the clock was for the executive married man and his young female secretary only; these days, fortunately, we all have a shot at dating in the workplace. We mean it when we say "co-worker."Sex between a boss and his or her underling involves far too many messy power dynamics which invariably get abused.Not to mention the inevitable resentment such insider trading stirs among the staff members who choose to keep their pants on.Stick with someone on the same rung of the corporate ladder.