Dating is stage of relationships

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Dating is stage of relationships - drama and chanel west coast dating

More advice for couples who are having relationship problems can be found on the Although it is a struggle to work through a difficult or unhappy phase in a relationship, many of the couples who persevere do find happiness again.

Relationships usually start out with romance, though in some cultures, for example, where a marriage is arranged, romance may come later.

At this stage a couple are building a sense of togetherness, so differences and difficulties are often overlooked, even denied.

Everything is perfect – it feels quite ‘unreal’ – and in a way it is.

But couples need this intense phase, and if they do not build this ‘togetherness’, the relationship can run into difficulties very quickly.

Relationships change over time as both partners mature and develop as individuals.

This means that all couples go through difficult phases as they adjust to the newly emerged characteristics of themselves and their partner.

As their relationships develop, most people try to find a balance between keeping their individuality and being part of a couple.

It is often during the transition from one stage to another that conflict occurs, for example, when one partner starts to reassert their independence.

The following model from Supporting Couple Relationships: A Sourcebook for Practitioners shows some of the different stages a relationship might go through.

Couples do not necessarily progress smoothly from one stage to another, and can revisit earlier stages due to their own personal development and as life events have an impact.

People going through a rocky patch often find this model helpful because it normalises the difficult phases and reminds them that things will get better.

During these difficult periods, couples may find it helps to make more of an effort to show affection and support, spend time together, and express and share their feelings.