Dating psychic tarot deck

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Dating psychic tarot deck

They found evidence of women healers, Shamans, artists and storytellers.

Occult wisdom and customs could be passed if they could be hidden so it would be available for the future.

Women feared that male leaders would not want women to gain power.

The message in the Motherpeace round tarot cards is one of a world view from early times, when people respected the Earth and lived by its cycles.

A high value was placed on emotional expression and the celebrations of rituals and rites of passage.

The Motherpeace round tarot deck is original and unique for several reasons.

It was the first tarot deck comprised of round cards, a whimsical twist which made the deck more interesting than others available at that time.

Most importantly, it was the first deck which viewed life through the lens of Feminism, as it was created during the height of the Women’s Liberation movement in the United States during the 1970’s. was also engaged in the very unpopular Vietnam War during this same period, and both women had anti-war philosophies.

These images were the brainchild of Vicki Noble and Karen Vogel, two writing and research partners in California, who drew on their combined knowledge and inspiration of the ancient archeology, history and art of women from all cultures. They knew from their careers in various women’s studies that in prehistoric times, Matriarchal societies lived together in harmony and peace.

They grew food, raised their children, and cared for their bodies in tune with the cycles of the Earth and Moon.

Everyone helped with everyday tasks together, all the children taken care of by everyone as if they were all one family, as can be seen on pictures in caves which portray mothers sharing food with their offspring, food which the men gathered for all the tribe to eat.

These children were heirs to the female line of descent, and though men were a big part of the social structure, there was no such concept of Paternity as it is known today. Vogel delved into studies of diverse cultures and artwork of Goddess art figures dating back to 30,000 years.

These were the actions of a culture which survived through people caring for and nurturing each other, sharing the Earth’s bounty, not people trying to make war and kill each other. They saw how women evolved for five million years in Africa, The Americas, Australia, Asia and Europe.

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