Dating site in kenya

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Dating site in kenya - Free foot fetish dating sites

Date Me, set to launch July 27 is Kenya’s first members-only dating portal promising users genuine dates conveniently.

“It’s a billion dollar industry worldwide with over 40 million users and one in five people now meeting their partners via an online dating website,” Isherwood said.“Kenya has still not been touched by this amazing phenomenon and Date Me Kenya plans to give Kenya its first taste of a premium online dating website that offers quality, safety and privacy all at a click of a button.” Date Me Kenya will offer 2 types of membership, the Premium Chui and VIP Simba.VIP Simba members enjoy exclusive privacy settings that are designed to give the user a safer, more private Date Me experience, while Premium Chui is for pre-selected paid up members.“We know some people are rather private here in Kenya and we have catered for this,” he said.Date Me Kenya will generate money mainly from its membership packages but will also run localised adverts with special offers for our members to enjoy (half price drinks, meal discounts, special safari offers etc) and plans to work with local companies who will be paying to advertise their deals and special offers.Premium membership Membership will be available on 1,3,6 and 12 month plans. Premium Chui – 1 month – 4,000ksh Premium Chui – 3 month – 7,200ksh (40% off) = 2,400ksh pm Premium Chui – 6 month – 9,600ksh (60% off) = 1,600ksh pm Premium Chui – 12 month – 12,000ksh (75% off) =1,000ksh pm VIP Simba – 1 month – 7,000ksh VIP Simba – 3 month – 12,600 (40% off) = 4,200ksh pm VIP Simba – 6 month – 16,800 (60% off) = 2,800ksh pm VIP Simba – 12 month – 21,000ksh (75% off) = 1,750ksh pm.

According to him, “Being a members only website means you only find genuine, quality people who really want to be here.

A members-only site lets us provide the quality service you would expect from a premium dating website and maintain full control of who we allow onto the site.

We don’t just will not accept anyone and we will expect all members to respect one another.” Being extremely unique, Date Me Kenya is Kenya’s 1 premium site to have ever targeted the Kenyan middle class who take up over 17% of the country, and the over 60,000 expatriates in Kenya, the numbers are projected to go up as Kenya’s stable economy grows at over 5% annually, especially with the country’s discovery of oil and gas.

“It’s probably the fastest growing consumer class in the world, as a region,” said Michael Lalor, director of Ernst & Young’s Africa Business Center in Johannesburg.

The middle class Kenyans how have disposable incomes and want to enjoy themselves.

Date Me Kenya offers the quality people will appreciate and just like the best hotels in Kenya.