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Dlj dating

Oxygen OXYGEN, OZONE, & HYDROGEN PEROXIDE Majid Ali, M. (Abridgement from The Journal of Integrative Medicine Article: Oxidative Regression To Primordial Cellular Ecology (ORPEC)) The author's clinical experience has led him to conclude that oxygenative antioxidant therapies such as nasal oxygen and intravenous infusions of ozone-oxygen gas mixture and hydrogen peroxide are among the most beneficial therapies for reversing the ORPEC state. Since oxygen, ozone and hydrogen peroxide act as oxidants in a laboratory setting, therapies employing those agents are generally deemed oxidative therapies.191-193 Until recently, the author accepted that view uncritically.

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In reality, such therapies in the context of the ORPEC state are powerful oxygenative and antioxidant therapies. The healthy and robust leaves of trees withstand the storm well, while older and weakened leaves are severely damaged. The reason for that widespread misconception is the failure to clearly understand the complex biologic consequences of adding oxygen, ozone, and hydrogen peroxide to severely impaired enzymatic and cellular ecosystems in patients with accelerated oxidative injury. Suddenly, dark clouds loom large and bring a heavy thunderstorm. Many withering leaves on tree brances are blown away. A Burst of Thunderstorm, A Burst of Oxidants An analogy of a burst of thunderstorm may be used to explain the possible mechanism action of ozone. After the thunderstorm subsides, the air is clean and crisp. The still air in a city on a hot, humid summer afternoon is thick with stagnant smog. The trees looked washed, their leaves fresh and shiny. The Institute of Preventive Medicine Press, Denville, New Jersey. Bursts of intravenously injected ozone and hydrogen peroxide affect the blood elements the same way. Spontaneity of oxidation and molecular basis of environmental illness. The membranes of healthy erythrocytes withstand the oxidative stress of ozone and hydrogen peroxide well, recovering their normal morphology after initial membrane deformities. In: Syllabus of the 1991 Instruction Course of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine, Denver, Colorado, 1990.

The senescent cells, by contrast, shrink and undergo lysis. The Institute of Preventive Medicine Press, Denville, New Jersey.

Below, some theoretical, clinical and experimental considerations are presented that shed light on the apparent paradox of agents that are oxidizing in their essential roles, and yet provide the basis for oxygenative antioxidant therapies.

Intermittent Nasal Oxygen The oxygenative role of nasal oxygen is self-evident.

Oxygen is also a powerful oxidizer, as discussed earlier in the section devoted to spontaneity of oxidation in nature.

The ORPEC hypothesis provides a clear scientific basis for oxygen's ability to also serve the opposing antioxidant role.

As discussed earlier, anoxia increases oxidative stress directly by facilitating the generation of toxic reactive species as well as indirectly by causing acidosis.