Does goats milk have sedating properties

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If the lactase isn’t there, the lactose remains harder to digest.

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I came across your site when l was researching lactose free alternatives to milk.I was particularly interested in gaining more information about goats milk. ANSWER: Hi Kamzi, Thank you SO MUCH for your sweet message.We try our best to share stories and tips in a way that will help you make informed, healthy choices…in a light, actionable, fun sort of way!In response to your question, there is definitely a difference in how our bodies react to goats milk vs. – Steph There’s a difference in fat molecule size The fat molecules in goats milk are much smaller than the fat molecules in cows milk.Some of you may be aware of how great raw, or unfermented, goat’s milk is for humans, but did you know it’s also a fantastic supplement for your pets?Raw goat’s milk contains everything from vitamins, minerals, and enzymes, to protein, electrolytes, and fatty acids.

No wonder goat’s milk is sometimes referred to as the most complete food known.Let’s break down the different ways raw goat’s milk can benefit your pet!Raw goat’s milk can be fed to both dogs and cats, but chickens can also benefit too!It’s a great source of the protein they need to molt.Worried your pet might react badly due to lactose-intolerance?Pasteurization removes the enzyme lactase which combines with lactose to make simple sugars that are easy to digest.