Ex mormon dating

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Ex mormon dating - what to know about dating a black woman

The Daily Beast recently published an article featuring an interview with Sue Emmett, who is the president of the Ex Mormon Foundation and the direct descendent of Brigham Young.Sue talked about her experience as a Mormon woman with clarity, insight, and compassion.

For years, I have been standing by the sidelines, wanting to tell my Mormon story but too afraid to speak out.I want my family to listen when I tell them who I am as a person.In all the years since my exit, no one in my family has ever asked me what I believe in and what my values are. I remember the Mormon mindset very well - even the slightest hint of criticism felt like religious persecution.And so I have been keeping quiet, out of love for my family.I have reached a point where I realize my silence is doing more harm than good.Ex-Mormons keep quiet because we love the Mormons in our lives.

We keep quiet because we are afraid of what will happen to us and to our families if we speak out about our experiences.We keep quiet because we do not want to face the condemnation of the people we once thought were our friends.However, silence does not fix the problem - at best, silence is a temporary solution.In the ten years since my exit, there has been some progress within my family.My mother treats me with all of the love and affection that she treats her other children, although even my mother does not ask about my beliefs.My love for my mother strengthens and balances me, soothing a broken heart. I feel more comfortable with my identity as a liberal agnostic woman. One of my brothers has been treating my husband and me badly.

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