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There’s a tremendous problem with buffaloes in this country and nobody wants to stop it. The way you solve it is — you build a wall.” 1960: “John Kennedy is not a hero.

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Ever since the advent of Playboy and Hustler, parents of teens have known to hide their stash of naughty mags and DVDs, vibrators and lube to keep their adult playtime safe from innocent, prying eyes.But more and more evidence indicates that parents of young kids should be worried, as well! ) So does that mean my second-grade kid is quite possibly more informed about the current sex trends than my husband and I? That’s why I set out to do some research and asked some of my “parent peeps” to share their thoughts on the issue of kids and sex and the Internet and how and when to talk to kids about sex.“Parental safety controls” aren’t controlling much.Children as young as 8-years old are exposed to online pornography every day! According to a national study, 7 out of 10 kids came across pornography accidentally online.In other words, kids who search for images on Google for school projects stumble upon uncensored, explicit sex pictures about 70 percent of the time.Filipina Voyeur Sex Films is a perfect place for Filippina sex relaxation & finding new mind-blowing ideas for making your partner absolutely happy!Satire: The imaginary history of Donald Trump’s previous runs for president. He’s a hero in the media because someone painted a picture of him crossing the Delaware River.” (Looks disgusted.) “The New York Times loves that painting. Trump was a student at the extremely prestigious University of Pennsylvania from 1772 to 1776, and was therefore exempt from military service in the Revolutionary War.

I could throw a silver dollar across it.” (From a press release later issued by his campaign: “Mr.Subsequently, he received a temporary medical deferment for a mild case of scrofula.”) 1836: “The Indians are coming across the border and no one is stopping them.They’re bringing in peyote and tobacco, they’re bringing in smallpox, they’re scalpers.They’re ripping off this country and the only way to stop them is — you build a wall.” (From a press release later issued by his campaign: “Mr. And do you know how much that log cabin is worth today? I own about a hundred of them all over the country, many of them on golf courses.Trump has incredible respect for Indians and has been welcomed many times with dances and peace pipes at leading reservations. My company is building the tallest residential log cabin in the world — 120 stories. I’ve had incredible interest in apartments from some of the world’s top kings, emperors, royal families.He leads all Whig candidates in polling among several tribes.”) 1860: “So Lincoln grew up in a one-room log cabin.” (Shrugs.) “I grew up in a log cabin, too. So if it’s a contest over log cabins, I win hands down.” 1904: “Teddy Roosevelt — all I know about him is he killed a buffalo. I would have picked the buffalo.” (Smirks.) “If he’s such a good hunter, why do we still have buffalo stampedes?