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So growing sponge safari animals seemed innocent enough to purchase for her. After five completely uneventful minutes we only ended up with green fuzz enclosed in a thick layer of mucus-like film.First off, this product was made in China seemingly by Ja-Ru Incorporated and, as per usual, distributed by the good peeps at Greenbrier. After a few more hours we gave up and we forgot about the whole incident for a few days.

The only available information is that they're based in Jacksonville, FL and that "In November 2007, the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO), an organization comprised of asbestos victims and their families, found a variety of consumer products and popular toys contaminated by asbestos. And as advertised on the box the foam began to expand in a couple of minutes. I mean, how exactly do you entertain a 5 year old with a set of sponge animals from the Chernobyl zoo?

JA-RU’s Toy Clay was among those toys." Fortunately, Larissa is comprised of 65% asbestos and 35% clay so I sensed no threat to her if our sponges had the same problem as Ja-Ru's clay. After we laid out our animals Larissa's first question was, "so what do we do with them now? So I told her she could wash the dishes with them...

According to the box, this 18 piece set allows you to grow the following animals: Ostrich Lion Wildebeest Cheetah Rhino Kudu (called an Antelope here)Monkey Hippo Anteater Elephant Zebra (or horse if you've no imagination)and Giraffe Instructions were simple enough:"1. which she actually tried and found out the sponges weren't even good for that.

She left a soapy mess in my kitchen and turned to her DS for solace.

Today, boys and girls, we are going to take a stroll down the completely useless and pointless lane.

I've noticed that the Dollar Tree excels the pointless, useless and sometimes even "wtf? Today's entry, Magic Grow Safari Animals, qualifies for all three of these categories.

I usually go to the Dollar Tree once or twice a week with the girls.

Unlike my days as a child when Dollar Stores did not exist, the girls usually walk away with a toy or some trinket during every visit.

Fabianna usually goes for traditional girly stuff or stationary (notebooks, pens, erases, etc) but Larissa on the other hand usually goes for weirder things.

Suffice it to say one time she bought a sunny side up egg toy set complete with a plastic "iron skillet".

This time around she became incredibly excited at the fact that she could grow animals from the comfort of her own kitchen!

I've seen all sorts of grow-it-yourself shit that range from Spider-man towelettes to freakin' anonymous figurines no one has ever heard of. We dropped the capsule in (erroneously) cold water and waited next to the glass of water in the same way you stand next to a microwave while it nukes your frozen dinner at work.