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If a desired party does not return or respond affirmatively to the advances or affection of the desiring party, but continues to participate in the friendship in a platonic way, it is sometimes described as friend-zoning.

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There are differing explanations about what causes a person to be placed in the friend zone by another.

It might result from misinterpreted signals or from a fear that a deeper relationship might jeopardize the friendship.

A Chicago Tribune writer suggested there were several cases in which someone might become relegated to the friend zone: (1) person A is not sufficiently attracted to person B, (2) person A misinterprets nonverbal cues from person B signaling their interest in deepening the relationship, (3) there is sexual repulsion (but not enough to block a friendship).

In another instance, a woman described her male friend, someone she was comfortable with as if he was one of her girlfriends, but their relationship became problematic when he wanted their relationship to develop romantically but she did not.

One man compared the friend zone to being a "third wheel" and having only a platonic relationship with a woman.

Writer Jeremy Nicholson in Psychology Today suggested another problem with the friend zone, specifically that a romantic pursuer, instead of being rejected up front, uses the ploy of friendly acts as a "back door" approach into a romantic relationship.

Dating adviser Ali Binazir described the friend zone as Justfriendistan, and wrote that it's a "territory only to be rivaled in inhospitability by the Western Sahara, the Atacama, and Dante's Ninth Circle of Hell." Dasgupta and Marcotte say that the concept implies that if a woman and a man have a platonic friendship and the man becomes romantically attracted to the woman, then the woman has a duty to return his affection.What feminists object to is that acts of "serial kindness" are not done in a spirit of selfless friendship, but as favors demanding compensation, favors which impose on the woman a reciprocal obligation of sexual reward.Further, some feminists are bothered that the agenda in such relationships is driven by men's needs for sex rather than women's needs for friendship.Ryan Milner of the College of Charleston argued that the friend zone concept is a nuanced and harmful aspect of patriarchal authority and male domination, Women who put ‘nice guys’ in the friend zone were accused of abuse, manipulation, and neglect ... to meet the right girl someday’, and ‘invites you over ... The image juxtaposes the first clause premise and the second clause punch line to elevate hopes, and then crush them.Friend Zone Fiona is premised on this perceived injustice. contributor Ally Fogg argues that while the friend zone does not exist in a literal sense, men who use the term "friend zone" are not necessarily misogynists who feel entitled to sex.He states the term's usage does reflect a genuine emotional experience for straight men with low self-esteem and self-confidence.

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