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There are several drawbacks of this approach (see below).

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When I signed up in early 2009, I could use bash sripted Lynx to log in and download PDFs for a whole issue of Guardian.This worked ok until some day in summer 2009 when Guardian changed the website and introduced s*** loads of Java Script that made Lynx solutions impossible.I was generally pissed off with that, so after discovering that the PDF option still exists in the redesigned website, I sat down and painfully went through sources and traffic dumps of logging in and downloading a PDF and wrote a very-very-very-very crude Netcat based downloader, which still works to my 100% satisfaction as of writing this on .Recently I have also written an automated script that periodically checks the date and downloads a newspaper every day using the downloader script.The Mail & Guardian Online is South Africa's oldest quality news source on the web and Africa's first online newspaper, offering breaking news and in-depth, analytical features from South Africa, Africa and around the world.Read all latest Nigerian Newspaper news headlines in one place, Latest Nigerian News is an online news aggregation of all major Nigerian Newspapers, Get latest nigeria news headlines from Punch newspaper, Thisday online, Daily Sun Newspaper, Nigeria Tribune, Daily Independent, Nigeria Guardian, Vanguard newspapers, Sahara Reporters Can-India and Can India News Canada's favorite south asian newspaper!

Currently works only on OS X, but Linux/Unix only need a bug fix or two. Needs dos2unix, Netcat and Python (used for MD5 encryption).It's just a big fat Bash script (only because I'm more comfortable with Bash than Perl or Python), which I will tidy up and rewrite using something else in the future (see below).Guardian's website is probably the most popular newspaper website in the UK.As well as online news, they have also been offering digital subscription to full newspaper edition for a long time.This has recently undergone a significant facelift.Even though very fancy, this redesigned system doesn't change anything about the form of this service, which is a online Java Script viewer/reader running in a web browser.