Help updating my resume

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Help updating my resume - Cam xxx no registration

According to a recent study by The Ladders, recruiters only spend about six seconds looking at your resume.

By thinking outside the box and crafting a resume that will hold the recruiter’s attention. Use buzzwords When recruiters browse through resumes, they’re looking for keywords that match the job description.Including base keywords will get their attention, but you can take it a step further.Check out the company’s website and look for any company goals that fit your experience, then include those keywords on your resume as well.Say, for example, that I’m trying to land a job at Jamba Juice’s corporate office.I quickly browsed their website and found out that the company is big on fighting obesity through healthy living and they donate to organizations that build local community gardens.In my career objective, I could say that I am looking to work for a company that cares about healthy lifestyles.

I might even explain how I helped build a co-op garden in my neighborhood.

Now my resume doesn’t just have keywords that fit a job description, it has buzzwords that get a recruiter’s attention.2.

Add quirky accomplishments My friend is a pastry chef.

Her professional accomplishments are similar to everyone else’s in her line of work.

She went to cooking school, did an internship at a nice restaurant, and worked her way up.

Her resume looks a lot like any pastry chef’s resume with one surprising difference.