How to protect yourself while online dating

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How to protect yourself while online dating - Web camera woman in baton rouge booty

Protect Yourself from Manipulation, False Accusations, and Abuse Divorce is difficult under the best of circumstances.

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Splitting is your legal and psychological guide to safely navigating a high-conflict divorce from an unpredictable spouse.Written by Bill Eddy, a family lawyer, therapist, and divorce mediator, and Randi Kreger, coauthor of the BPD classic Stop Walking on Eggshells, this book includes all of the critical information you need to work through the process of divorce in an emotionally balanced, productive way.Turn to this guide to help you: • Predict what your spouse may do or say in court • Take control of your case with assertiveness and strategic thinking • Choose a lawyer who understands your case • Learn how e-mails and social networking can be used against you Book Info Publication date: 2011Pages: 304Binding: softcover Co-Authors: Bill Eddy, LCSW, Esq.and Randi Kreger (author of Stop Walking on Eggshells) Author Info Bill Eddy is a lawyer, therapist, mediator and the President of High Conflict Institute.He developed the “High Conflict Personality” theory (HCP Theory) and has become an international expert on managing disputes involving high conflict personalities and personality disorders.He provides training on this subject to lawyers, judges, mediators, managers, human resource professionals, businesspersons, healthcare administrators, college administrators, homeowners’ association managers, ombudspersons, law enforcement, therapists and others.

He has been a speaker and trainer in over 25 states, several provinces in Canada, Australia, France and Sweden.As an attorney, Bill is a Certified Family Law Specialist in California and the Senior Family Mediator at the National Conflict Resolution Center in San Diego.Prior to becoming an attorney in 1992, he was a Licensed Clinical Social worker with twelve years’ experience providing therapy to children, adults, couples and families in psychiatric hospitals and outpatient clinics.He has taught Negotiation and Mediation at the University of San Diego School of Law for six years and he is on the part-time faculty of the Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution at the Pepperdine University School of Law and the National Judicial College.He is the author of numerous articles and several books, including: High Conflict People in Legal Disputes SPLITTING: Protecting Yourself While Divorcing Someone with Borderline or Narcissistic Personality Disorder BIFF: Quick Responses to High Conflict People, Their Personal Attacks, Hostile Email and Social Media Meltdowns He is also the developer of the “New Ways for Families” method of managing potentially high conflict families in and out of family court.He is currently developing a method for managing potentially high conflict employees titled “New Ways for Work.” Randi Kreger has brought the concerns of family members who have a loved one with BPD to an international forefront through her website, and the Welcome to Oz online support community.