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Internet dating online hook up - wanstrath dating jeremy

Online dating can be a lot of fun and of course you always have a chance of meeting a person who you’re gonna be with for the rest of your days.Sometime though people have urges and fantasies that they are very curious about satisfying.

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Some describe the act as sleazy and degrading, while others describe it as natural and empowering.

Despite what anyone has to say about it, hooking up seems to be becoming much more common, and the world of online dating and free sex is partly responsible.

In the 70’s, the act of sleeping with someone without being in a committed relationship had already become more widely accepted.

With the introduction of birth control, people were finally free to have flings without the threat of pregnancy.

It was also around this time that people started to throw away the conventional idea of getting married after college, making casual sex a little more necessary than it was before.

Although there were fewer barriers which stood between people hooking up, there was still one barrier leftover which continued to threaten the possibility of it happening altogether. The problem with this is that in our culture, one does not simply walk up to a desirable mate, ask them to have sex, and have the odds work out in their favor.

In our culture, this is how one gets a drink thrown in their face. In the 90’s dating platforms were starting to spring up all over the place, changing the way the population thought about dating.Needless to say, although people started having casual sex a little more frequently in the 70’s, its rise was at a standstill. Match was one of the first to come out, giving people the power to not only broaden their list of potential mates but also approach one another with more confidence.When you’re divided by a screen, you can be whoever you want to be.You can pick someone up with a witty one-liner without tripping over your words, and rejection is also a lot less painful.Not to mention, a screen can’t exactly throw a drink in your face.That being said, dating platforms finally gave people the freedom to openly ask for sex without risk of harsh rejection.

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