James franco dating cameron diaz

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James franco dating cameron diaz - death of spouse dating

The directors wove together 11 of Williams' poems to create a patchwork quilt of incredible — and haunting — memories.movies, the film features Mila Kunis as a princess and the rightful heir to rule the galaxy.

Apparently, the writers and cast members of NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” decided to go on a pre-Thanksgiving fast from humor.

Cameron Diaz hosted “SNL’s” last episode before Thanksgiving with musical guests Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson, and if viewers were looking for laughs, they were left pretty much famished. The first skit of the evening was a supposed spoof on Diaz’s upcoming movie “Annie,” which features a mostly black cast in a big-screen version of the Broadway play.

The episode opened up with Diaz’s monologue, during which she declared, “It’s so exciting to be in Rockefeller Center when they light up the big turkey.” The clunky punchline turned out to be apt for an episode that turned out to be a The monologue then went on see Diaz declaring that she was sick of answering press questions and opening up the floor to questions from audience members, only to be barraged with inane inquiries, one of which ending with the non-question, “I think you’re hot.” Which was rich, given that the hottest thing about Diaz, at her top-dollar best, was Ben Stiller‘s semen in her hair. Daddy Warbucks shows up at the orphanage in search of “the black Annie” to adopt, only to be presented with a possibly Haitian, 43-year-old woman who “can still go all night,” has defended herself in court five times, did half a season in the WNBA and can palm a pumpkin “’cause I got some big-ass hands.” Huh?

The “Weekend Update” segment was similarly dreadful.

With all the fantastic wedding and proposal videos out there, how can you possibly top them in virality and memorability?

Well, if you have access to celebrities, apparently it’s easy.

Joe Michalczuk, a celebrity interviewer for movie releases, decided to ask several of Hollywood’s biggest names and A-list celebrities to help him make a video for his fiancé Jenny. Such stars as Cameron Diaz, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Miss Piggy and Kermit turned to the camera in order to help sell Jenny on the idea of marrying the goofy little man. James Franco and Mila Kunis' passionate kiss in 'The Color of Time' shows off their electric chemistry once again.After seeing the sexy stars in 'Oz' together, we can't wait for this December movie. Most days, Mila Kunis only has eyes for her adorable baby, Wyatt Isabelle, and hot fiancé Ashton Kutcher.But Kunis has developed an extremely close relationship with James Franco over the last couple of years, working on both .The movie tells the story of Pulitzer Prize-winning poet C. Williams, and features 12 directors working in tandem.