Literotica chat type sites

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Literotica chat type sites

Sitting in a car as it hurtled through the freezing night, my heart pounded in my chest.Breaking the silence, the stranger beside me barked. ’ He told me the boot had been cleaned out for me, so I was terrified. Up until this point I’d been a typically shy, quiet 13-year-old girl.

Tapping away in my living room, my mum nearby, I felt incredibly safe.I had no reason to believe it would lead to the most traumatic experience of my life.Chatting to friends and then friends of friends is how I met ‘him’.Now I refuse to use his name, he is a monster to me.Back then, of course, as far as I was concerned he was just this boy into the Spice Girls and Titanic, like me. He always listened and said what I wanted to hear: ‘Your teacher is stupid,’ or, ‘Why tidy your room when it’s your mum’s job?’ Soon I was spending hours online oblivious to the danger ahead.

It was New Year’s Day 2002 that I’d secretly arranged to meet him. The next part is a blank, but suddenly I was trapped in a car and I couldn’t get out.

After dinner, I said I had a stomach ache and left the table. My intuition told me to go home, but it was eight months too late. After a terrifying five-hour journey, we arrived at his house.

At 7pm, I nipped outside in the cold without a coat. He’d taken me from my safe, warm home in Pittsburgh to an unfamiliar place in Virginia.

Pulling me down a flight of steps, we ended up in a basement full of strange devices, including a cage. I know I could regain memories through hypnosis, but why would I want to?

‘It’s OK to cry,’ he said coldly, ‘this is going to be hard for you.’ Again, the details are a blur, but I remember him removing my clothes, locking a dog collar around my neck and dragging me upstairs. I felt the pain of him ripping my hair – I had braids from a family holiday in the Caribbean, so he pulled them at the roots. In the four days that followed I was chained up, raped, beaten and tortured.

I did whatever I had to do to survive, no matter how humiliating, painful, or disgusting.