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The premier schools and living is in North Raleigh (say about 3 miles south of the outer beltline to 10 miles North.

Best is probably "Briar Creek", "North Raleigh" and "Wake Field" Best school areas - Leesville Road High, Wakefield High I moved to Raleigh from Floria 5 years ago and I have found it to be very tolerant, safe, and a pleasant place to live.We were told to stay away from Southeast Raleigh "the hood" when we moved here and once we saw Southeast Raleigh we had to laugh - anyone who thinks that's the hood should move to Philly or South Tampa.I have also had great success in the job market, as have my friends and family who have moved here over the past 5 years.Our housing market is doing MUCH better than much of the country. The only family in my neighborhood to forbid their daughter from playing with mine because of this? I found this way more offensive than I would have were they a white family...Peach, the job market here in NC is overall good, fortunately, Raleigh's unemployment rate has been consistently one of the lowest in the state for several years now. Not crazy about that although it would seem as if you can stay somewhere if you are happy with it. unsure of the area and schools, 2 are in High school,2 are Elementary/Middle school. I'm not selling real estate and I'm an engineer who moved here 15 years ago.There are several jobs here in the accounting/finance area and you should have very little problems advancing here as a revenue analyst, however, Charlotte (which about 3hrs East from Raleigh) is nationally known for having the bigger market in this field. I love some of the Cary neighborhoods (Lochmere, for one - love the lakes! I think I need to just pick a few neighborhoods and go hang out in the common areas to see what's going on and how friendly people are :) Thanks for your help! Want my kids to go to schools where there is a diversity of people. Objective answer - The place where everybody is working and needs to be is clearly Research Triangle Park (RTP), so you'll find most people headed that way in the morning.

Overall, Corporate America wear formal suits, most (if not all) that I've seen wear formal business attire. The best thing NC did is build an "outer beltline" around Raleigh that really helps people get to RTP. So Wake Forest is a good place in the North and has a glut of new construction that was built during the boom and probably can be bought for a song.

What I learned about Cary and the school system was a little disturbing- meaning that they have grown so much that schools are overcrowded and new schools have gone up. If you look at the Wake County Public Schools website- every year you must rank what school you want to go to. With that being said Truth in Raleigh I am planning on moving to Raleigh after the first of the year I am a Black beautiful widow mother of 4 awesome children who I would to expose them around a diversity of people, we moved from Md to Phx, now looking to move to Raleigh and STAY!!

Our two biggest, cities here in NC are Charlotte and Raleigh, (Charlotte area is nice, slightly more modern, but has higher unemployment rates and crime than Raleigh).

I was able to compare what we have to what is in North Carolina. We have 2 children, grade school and middle school. You'll find friendly people all of Raleigh and it's the perfect mixture of shopping, eating, enjoying life.

We are looking at Cary as well and I'm a little concerned about the schools. I've lived in NC my entire life and is currently enjoying the Raleigh area for about 2 years now, I'm Black with two-degree's and have a career position working downtown, and I live near the triangle town center mall which is simply one of the best spots.

Gee, please don't buy into what people are saying here, its non-sense and you've already admitted to seeing and liking the Raleigh area.