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Singaporeans are bona fide Instagram mavens – or, at least, that’s what my experience people-watching on public transport tells me.

So it’s probably time for you to follow a few more of these Singaporean beauties.Name: Erica Loh Best feature: Her V-shaped face that makes her look photogenic at every angle.What we love about her: This girl’s not afraid to let loose and be silly.Plus, she isn’t the kind of Instagrammer whose every post is a boring selfie.Claim to fame: Erica rose to fame through her Instagram account with her aesthetically-pleasing shots. Juli refused to publish the name of the facial salon that caused her massive allergic breakout, and that’s something we can respect – she shows herself to be considerate in the midst of such a traumatic event.Claim to fame: The beauty blogger’s horrible facial experience was not without a silver lining – it at least directed a lot more traffic to her blog, since major news outlets picked up on her story.

Instagram: Name: Uli Chan Best feature: We love Uli’s toned arms, and she knows how to show them off!What we love about her: This self-professed vintage and music lover’s rocker-chic, music-festival aesthetic is drool-worthy, and she can always be counted on for a bombardment of style inspiration.Claim to fame: Uli’s fashion blog won Best Fashion Blog under Singapore Press Holdings Singapore Blog Awards 2015.Instagram: Name: Guan Min Best feature: We’re not sure if it’s expert contouring or genetics, but either way, it doesn’t change the fact that Min’s cheekbones always look incredibly chiselled in her photos. It’s avant-garde, it’s bold, and we love her for having the ability and creativity to pull all those outfits off – us mere mortals can only dream of doing the same.Claim to fame: Min rose to fame through her Instagram page, where you get to admire all her beautiful outfits.Instagram: Name: Masturah Khalid Best feature: I personally love her moon-shaped face. What we love about her: This girl basically oozes taste.