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“Who would have thought when I launched the app I would write a love story for myself,” states Dixon.“My goal was to assist black singles in connecting with like-minded people and because of Real Black Love I now find myself in a relationship with an incredible woman”.

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Now that buy-out talks have ended, the company is refocusing their attention on the new reality documentary series entitled, “Finding Real Black Love”.

The series will be centered on Joseph Dixon as he personally assist African-American singles in their journey to discovering their soul mate. About Real Black Love® App: Offered as a free download in the app store, the app manually reviews all prospective users to reduce spam and illegitimate profiles.

Advanced privacy control allows for greater peace of mind while using the app.

A standard member receives one free complimentary email every seven days.

Charlotte, NC — It has been revealed today by Real Black that the company has turned down a seven figure bid from a private equity firm to take over the company’s upstart dating app.

Heralded as the No.1 app for relationship-focused black singles, Real Black Love has quickly gained interest of eager investors since becoming available on mobile devices nationwide.

Real Black LLC, CEO and founder, Joseph Dixon, says, “Yes, I can confirm that I have formally turned down a seven figure offer to buy my company.I did not start this venture with a payout in mind.I formed this company to help all of the hopeful romantics out there find what they deserve.I refuse to sacrifice the mission of the company at this time. This is about the people that work here and most importantly this is about our community.” Dixon adds, “Real Black Love was nominated for Best Mobile Dating App at the i Date Awards 2016 in Miami this past January.I am really excited about the future of the app and our company.” If there is a testimony to the effectiveness of Real Black Love to be had, it can be found right at the top of the company.Dixon accredits his current relationship of two years to Real Black Love app.