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Most browsers have opted for a strategy where storage APIs are still available and seemingly fully functional, with the one big difference that all stored data is wiped after the browser is closed.For these browsers there are still different interpretations of what should be done with existing stored data (from a regular browsing session).

Then there are some browsers, most notably Safari, that have opted for a solution where storage is available, but is empty and has a quota of 0 bytes assigned, effectively making it impossible to write data to it.Developers should be aware of these different implementations and take them into account when developing websites depending on Web Storage APIs.For more information please have a look at this WHATWG blog post that specifically deals with this topic.This document describes an XML format (vocabulary) for the exchange of structured locale data.Note: From Firefox 45 onwards, when the browser crashes/restarts, the amount of data saved per origin is limited to 10MB.This has been done to avoid memory issues caused by excessive usage of web storage.

To illustrate some typical web storage usage, we have created a simple example, imaginatively called Web Storage Demo.

The landing page provides controls that can be used to customize the colour, font and decorative image.

When you choose different options, the page is instantly updated; in addition your choices are stored in , so that when you leave the page then load it again later on your choices are remembered.

In addition, we have provided an event output page — if you load this page in another tab, then make changes to your choices in the landing page, you'll see the updated storage information outputted as the Most modern browsers support a privacy option called 'Incognito', 'Private Browsing' or something similar that doesn't store data like history and cookies.

This is fundamentally incompatible with Web Storage for obvious reasons.

As such, browser vendors are experimenting with different scenarios for how to deal with this incompatibility.

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