Qt validating user input

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Qt validating user input - Live sex webcam forum

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I have connected the "clicked" signal to a slot which checks the size of the QText Edit.

Since I used Qt Designer to make the dialog, it has a QDialog Button Box.

When the user presses OK, I need to make sure that the data in the QText Edit is valid.

If the size is adequate, I call "accept()" otherwise the slot just returns.

The problem is that the dialog disappears even when accept() is not called.

If I use the reject() function, the dialog still disappears. Joel Data Source Dlg :: Data Source Dlg() { connect(button Box, SIGNAL(clicked(QAbstract Button*)), this, SLOT(check Values(QAbstract Button*))); } void Data Source Dlg :: check Values(QAbstract Button* button) { if (button- Probably because the "OK" button is the default dialog button, therefore is connected by default to the accept() slot.

The solution is to delete the default button box(with OK and Cancel) created by designer and to create your own.Regards How about a slot that validates contents of the dialog and enables/disables the button correspondingly?This slot would be connected to various content change signals of entry widgets in the dialog.It is usually a good idea to prevent insensible user actions. In case anyone searches this thread for a similar problem, I thought I'd send the resolution.It is not necessary to create one's own ok/cancel buttons, although that would probably work (I didn't try that).It is also not necessary to enable/disable the ok/cancel buttons, but that is a good idea (I didn't try that either).

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