Questions to ask about christian dating

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I knew I had to admit to my anger, but I was afraid to do so.I thought, But then one day several things in my life went wrong in rapid succession, and I blew up.

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Between my angry words, I apologized, "I'm sorry I feel this way.You have every right to strike me with a bolt of lightning.But this is how I feel." The Bible says God desires truth in our innermost being (Psalm 51:6).Finally I was telling God the truth about how I felt.The growing number of single women in our world today have more freedoms and opportunities than this demographic ever has experienced.But that doesn't mean they aren't occasionally hounded by struggles—or haunted by tough questions. And what are they supposed to do with occasional lonely feelings—year after year?

For answers to some of the most challenging of these queries, we turned to Virginia Mc Inerney, a single woman who's a regular speaker at her megachurch in Ohio, and who wrote Single Not Separate (Charisma House), which tackles these and many other difficult singleness issues head-on.Here's her frank, insightful take on five of the toughest questions singles ask: 1.What do I do if because he hasn't given me a spouse?A while ago the Lord began to deal with me about my own anger toward him over my singleness.Frustration had been building inside me, and I wanted to blame God.After all, in his sovereignty, this was what he'd chosen, or allowed, for me—and I didn't like it.

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