Rachel bilson and hayden christensen dating since

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It was seemingly undeniable in early April that the show was to end in its fourth season after Leila began retweeting campaigns to 'save' Hart Of Dixie from the chopping block and shared messages from supporters who expressed gratitude for the program.Adding further confusion for fans, CW plugged the show's 'season finale' on Twitter on March 27, writing, 'Blue Bell, you're 1 in a million!

When the call came to replace the female star of 'Jumper' Rachel Bilson, of the hit television series 'The OC', leapt at the chance - and, according to the rumours, soon found herself falling for the leading man.So how does she plead, asks Catherine Elsworth The first I spy of Rachel Bilson is an electric-blue suede platform stiletto peeping out of a doorway, probably 4in high and at least a size too big.Bilson is standing in the door of a bohemian house atop a hill in Echo Park, Los Angeles, dusty sunlight flooding through a billowy translucent dress, posing for the Stella photo-shoot.Made up, there is a touch of Cindy Crawford to the raven-haired girl known to many as Summer Roberts, the high-school prom queen in the cult teen soap The OC whose beauty, intellect and love for the geeky Seth Cohen (played by Adam Brody) won her legions of fans around the world.Later she tells me, 'I was in Dubai recently and people were like, "Oh, The OC! " And I was like, "You know, it's like all the way around the world."'Bilson breaks off for a costume change.'Hi, I'm Rachel,' she says with a warm smile, politely offering a hand.

Without the shoes ('You can't go wrong with Christian Louboutin') Bilson is tiny, a little over 5ft, doll-like with a perfectly symmetrical face, full lips and professionally tidied brows arching over huge brown eyes.She turns 27 in August but could easily pass for 18.'Cute' is the word that's paired relentlessly with her on the acres of internet real estate devoted to her. But the actress has recently appeared eager to cast off the fluffier trappings of her on-screen persona.In her debut film role, The Last Kiss (2006), she played a sexy siren hell-bent on seducing Zach Braff's troubled father-to-be, shedding all but a miniskirt and some flesh-coloured 'pasties' on her breasts for a steamy love scene.But I'm here to talk to her about Jumper, a special-effects-heavy, big-budget action thriller about teleporting that is tipped to become a money-spinning trilogy à la The Bourne Identity.Bilson was busy shooting the final series of The OC when she received a text message from Doug Liman, the celebrated director of Swingers, The Bourne Identity and Mr and Mrs Smith.

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