Radiocarbon dating wrong

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(I would be delighted beyond words if scientists had already begun dating pterosaur fossils through radiocarbon methods, but it appears we need to wait for that.) Shellac contamination?A 1990 experiment that involved radiocarbon dating of pieces from two dinosaur bones—that test will not be covered, for it involved a controversy regarding a report of shellac that may have contaminated one of the two sample sources.

The second place position on the first page was an article by an organization that is centered on two goals, one of them being to support traditional ideas about evolution.Unfortunately, that article is outdated, written in 1992, before critical C testing was done by members of the Paleochronology group, who presented their findings at a geophysics meeting in Singapore, in 2012.I saw problems with the 1992 article, more than just its being outdated, but we need to move on.The proclamation that shellac had contaminated dinosaur remains from the Carnegie Museum of Natural History is irrelevant to the many tests on dinosaur bones since 1990.C) dating has traditionally been done with assumptions outside the Biblical framework, namely this: Interpretations have been without any consideration for the possibility that the Flood of Genesis was an actual event.When we consider the worldwide flood of the Old Testament as part of actual history, the raw data will be seen to be highly inflated for the ages of living things further back in time.

In other words, if a tree or animal died only a few centuries after the Flood of Noah, the remains could be radiocarbon dated to be tens of thousands of years old rather than the correct date of thousands of years old.

But that’s a long story, not where we’re going with carbon-14 dating in this post.

Radiocarbon Dating Reliability Radiocarbon dating is the most accurate and most verifiable of the radiometric dating systems.

Dates for carbon material can often be independently verified by testing something that is known historically, from records of human observations.

Dating with C is possible for up to “50 to 80 thousand years” before the present, yet we need to remember that these older dates are under the assumption that there never was any worldwide flood.

We generally refer to those numbers as “carbon-14 dates.” Consider now how the C dating method has been used on dinosaur remains.

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