Sammy droke and carlos pena dating

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Sammy droke and carlos pena dating - jobs backdating

While some celebrity couples seem to be nothing but smiles at the moment, others are suffering through what appears to be the inevitable celeb break-up.

He says, “On a sad note, it is true, Sammy and I did break up… Like my dad always says, ‘When one door closes, many more will open.'” However, it must be an amicable enough split (on his end, anyway), since Carlos encourages his fans to be kind to his former love on Twitter, and mentions, “A break-up is not an easy thing, but I really care about her and I wish her the best in everything she does. And are you going to see Big Time Rush on tour this summer?I hope she knows that and I hope she wants to stay friends.” On the plus side, Big Time Rush’s “Windows Down” music video comes out in two days (June 22, in case you’re reading this on a separate date) and the Big Time Summer Tour with Cody Simpson and Rachel Crow begins early July. You can not think of it as crazy or 1on1you find them behind their webcams.Most ladies are from the Europe, but also tropical latina and girls from Thailand, France or UK and many more countries are represented on the hottest webcam sex site. The 22-year-old actor/singer confirmed to fans via You Tube that he and Samantha Droke broke up.PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Samantha Droke “On a sad not, Sammy and I did break up,” Carols says.

this tumblr is dedicated to carlos pena, samantha droke and the utterly adorable relationship they we will be posting various stuff that will feature both carlos and sam individually and as a couple.please keep in mind that this is a hate free zone and any hateful words that are said or sent to us will be automatically ignored and/or deleted.the rumours are ridiculous and people are taking a few random tweets way out of hand/context.carlos and sammy announced their relationship via a youtube video for crying out loud.maybe it’s just me, but i think if they were to break up carlos would just come right out and say it. everyone is freaking out over nothing and it needs to stop.