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Sex c2c dating - to become relationship dating coach uk

As a dating and relationship coach, I speak to men and women about theirsex lives on a daily basis.

And so commenced my two decades of dating, with all its highs and lows. I also had many things to learn along the way to keep myself safe.

My newly divorced 31-year-old self was on the pill so I didn’t even consider asking a man to wear a condom.

Then, after I’d been single for about six months I saw a report on the news about the rise in cases of herpes. I’d been so excited about my new sexual freedom, and now I realized I could catch genital warts.

My single girlfriends and I talked about this, wondering what we should do.

When we go out with someone new do we say, “please pass the salt and oh by the way do you have herpes?

” Not too long after this, the reports starting coming out about HIV.

Now I had something even worse than genital warts to worry about; I could be infected with something that could kill me!

I didn’t want to stop my wonderful dating and sex life and I didn’t want to catch herpes or HIV, so what’s a girl to do?

I didn’t like the answer, but there it was staring me in the face I had to start asking the men to wear condoms.

More from Your Tango: Sex Stories You Won’t Believe: The Night I Roofied Myself After a few false starts I finally got good at asking.

Of course, the majority of men I asked would say they preferred to not wear them; however, most of the time they would agree to it.

But I also felt that it wasn’t as satisfying to use a condom.

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