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Homer Simpson isn't exactly known for sage thinking, but he did create one important mantra: "Mmm donuts." Clearly he knew something we didn't, because 23 years after the insatiable patriarch first uttered his signature line, everyone is outright obsessed with donuts.

These basics sell out at the crack of dawn, though, so make sure to show up by 7am sharp.

Donuts were never exactly the purview of dinosaurs, but Dino's sticky treats and espresso are sold under the banner of a green cartoon Brontosaurus who apparently loves eating jelly-filled pastries a whole lot more than prehistoric plants.

Most of the donuts, and the "dino bones" are only .30 a pop, which is damn good price in the current fancy donut market.

Some brother and sister combos are fraught with agitation.

Others, like Sophy and Keng Se, can move beyond sibling rivalry and come together to launch delicious donut shops in Tucson.

Their Young Donuts opened just four years back, but it's already built quite a name for itself, even with almost no online presence.

Maybe it's because they strategically opened next to a children's dentist office to hook their clients young, and holy shit... If practice makes perfect, Mark is pretty much a demigod at this point.This unassuming spot has been rolling dough since 1978 for hungry Arkansans. If you dream it, this place probably already did it, like, six months ago.Little has changed, as you can see from the faded sign out front, but when you're making cream-filled and coconut-coated donuts that are this spot-on, you don't need to flip the script. And yes, of course there's actual booze in its bourbon maple creations.Donut Bar has attracted rabid press attention pretty much since it opened, and a quick scan through its Instagram explains why. It's a Alright, get your lazy Mc Conaughey impression over with now. Good, because there's a lot more to this Denver shop than movie puns.Like donuts with Mediterranean sea salt caramel glaze and cups of joe from local favorite Pablo's Coffee.(Specifically, the "Danger Monkey" kind.) Alright, fine: Dottie's Diner isn't technically a "donut shop." It's a confirmed greasy spoon, but we had to make an exception here because the donuts here are too fantastic to deny.

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