So cal val dating elijah burke

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So cal val dating elijah burke - dating living shared

A coming of age story about an inner-city youth raised by a hardworking single mother.When his dream of becoming a basketball player fails to materialize, he finds himself employed in a ...

An investigation follows, taking the officer and his new partner into the depths of the criminal underworld.A loan shark gives ex-con Nick a period of 24 hours in order to pay back the money he owes.Up against it, Nick involves his best mate on a multi-part mission in order to raise the cash ...See full summary » When ex-soldier turned mercenary, John Gold, learns of the murder of his best friend, he sets off on a mission to find out what happened.What he discovers is a sinister conspiracy and he sets about taking down those responsible one by one.A French chef swears revenge after a violent attack on his daughter's family in Hong Kong, during which her husband and her two children are murdered.

To help him find the killers, he hires three local hit-men working for the mafia.

When big city detectives refuse to further investigate his kid brother's gang related murder, small town Sheriff Michael Spencer drops the badge and goes undercover to find his brother's killer and avenge his death.

A Hitchcockian black comedy in the spirit of 'Rope' and Agatha Christie's 'Ten Little Indians' that begs the question can murder, if done well, be considered art? Jack Santos is a retired undercover vice cop whose world is suddenly torn apart by the murder of his wife and daughter.

After serving a prison term for a crime he did not commit, Jack returns to the streets with a vengeance against crime, and takes to vigilantism.

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