Software dating null

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Software dating null

I didn't find an IObservable Value for it, but using google I quickly found a short and simple implementation that extends Widget Value Property and reacts on the SWT. For use in table cells I found the Date Chooser Combo Cell Editor and it works nicely.

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It can be solved by replacing "if (value instanceof Date)" by "if (value == null

I should be easy to bind to a Date property of my model objects.

In my opinion the Nebula widgets are really cool and really easy to integrate in an application, until unfortunately in practice I encountered a few issues.

In total it took me at least two work days to solve them and there is still one issue left which I didn't solve.

Hopefully my post can contribute in making Nebula even better and save others some time when encountering these issues.

The most logical place to start for my requirement is the SWT Date Time widget.

However we have the practical requirement that some date fields may be intentionally left blank (i.e. This is unsupported with this widget ( I am using SWT Designer and it already supports the Date Chooser Combo so logically I used this.