Speed dating registration form

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Speed dating registration form

Let’s clarify this last point by discussing the three main uses of forms.As Luke Wroblewski states in his book , every form exists for one of three main reasons: commerce, community or productivity.

Web forms are a necessity and often a pain point for both designers and users.

Over time, users have formed expectations of how a form should look and behave.

They typically expect Web forms to have the following six components: For a form to be usable, all three aspects need to be tackled.

Let’s look at each aspect in turn to figure out how to make a form truly usable, along with practical guidelines that you can easily follow.

Contrary to what you may read, peppering your form with nice buttons, color and typography and plenty of j Query plugins will not make it usable.

Indeed, in doing so, you would be addressing (in an unstructured way) only one third of what constitutes form usability.

In this article, we’ll provide practical guidelines that you can easily follow.

These guidelines have been crafted from usability testing, field testing, website tracking, eye tracking, Web analytics and actual complaints made to customer support personnel by disgruntled users.

The ISO 9241 standard defines website usability as the “effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction with which specified users achieve specified goals in particular environments.” When using a website, users have a particular goal.

If designed well, the website will meet that goal and align it with the goals of the organization behind the website.

Standing between the user’s goal and the organization’s goals is very often a form, because, despite the advances in human-computer interaction, forms remain the predominant form of interaction for users on the Web.

In fact, forms are often considered to be the last and most important stage of the journey to the completion of goals.

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