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In the next installment of Cookbook Confidential, Julia Platt Leonard reviews Mr Todiwala's Spice Box and says people often make the mistake of equating spice with spicy, with the result that they are not as adventurous as they could be Cyrus Todiwala has an actual spice box – a large wooden case that is packed with glass jars and plastic containers of more spices than most of us knew existed.When he talks about a spice he beams like a proud father, clearly besotted with his child.

So he’s chosen 10 spices that are versatile and readily available.I think he also sneakily knows that the more spice we use, the more we’ll fall under its spell.Of course, this begs the question of why we’re not spicing up our cooking already.One reason he says, is that we tend to think of spice and spicy as the same thing.Red chilli is one of his 10 chosen spices but it’s joined by other more aromatic spices such as cloves, cinnamon, cardamom and cumin that aren’t hot at all.The second reason he says is fear – fear that we won’t get the marriage right between different spices, that we’ll use too much (or little) or simply get it wrong.

So in Spice Box, he’s distilled years of experience in the kitchen and at the table to guide even the most spice shy.It helps that the recipes are supremely "doable" with techniques that are well-laid out and explained.And in a dish like his deep-fried squid with coriander, mint and basil dip, he includes optional extras like his chilli seasoning which you can include or leave out as time and inclination permits.It’s not just traditional savoury dishes that get the Cyrus spice treatment either.There is a stunning spiced pecan pie with the addition of ground cinnamon to the pecan mix as well as cloves to the pastry that is revelatory.When the recipe note says “serves 8 people or 6 greedy people” I put myself squarely in the latter camp.