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The window of opportunity to send a thank you text message is only open for an hour, two at most. Your girlfriends don’t make the threat of rejection any easier. ” question, to which you reply with a reassuring “No, but it’s only early days.

There was chemistry on his part and he has thrown the dating game book out of the window because he doesn’t want to risk someone else snapping you up. He has done his research and he knows women don’t like overly eager men.He wants to keep you waiting and knows this will have you wanting him more.If this happens, the odds are not hugely in your favour.I would make three assumptions: Assumption one: He really wasn’t that into you and is probably seeing other people in between. It went well, conversation flowed and there was definite chemistry. The date comes to an end and you come home full of hope, inspiration and a sense of relief. It keeps up the momentum and allows both parties to proverbially strike while the iron is hot! A simple “I have a great/amazing time and would love to catch up again soon” is more than sufficient. After amazing first dates – the ones where you both just “click” – it’s appropriate to make contact immediately after the date.

It’s the polite thing to do, but will that make you look too eager? If a man doesn’t receive a thank you text after a date, he often takes it as a signal that she is either not interested, ungrateful for his effort, or is a major “game player”. In short, the time frame of how long it takes for a man to call you after your first date is dependent on the dynamic of the date. Surprisingly, a lot of men genuinely want to wait for a woman to say thank you. If you play the waiting game, you’re both at risk of losing. For one, he could be waiting for you to make first contact. This article is all about the ins, outs and politics of the post-first date phone call. For a moment, you feel that you can summon the phone to ring, like a comic book superhero. And if we sound crazy now, wait until you see us after the third day of no response. You wait and you wait, head on pillow, face to the side staring in hope for that sweet sweet text messaging sound. He’s probably just playing hard-to-get.” Sure he is. Guys take note; this is the thought process every woman is faced with after a great first date.