Ups next day air tracking not updating

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When the time reached 6 PM, I started to worry so I called the UPS customer service center and they told me not to worry, as the package WILL be delivered today.They said with Next Day Air Saver, the driver has until PM to deliver the package.

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I called pretty much once every hour after 8 PM and was repeatedly told the same story.

It wasn't until 11 PM when I noticed the online tracking system changed to status to reschedule for Monday delivery.

I called UPS immediately requesting the package to be available for pick up tomorrow (Saturday) and was told that it has been locked up in the trailer for Monday delivery.

I then asked to speak to a supervisor and the guy was not only rude, but useless.

Online Shipping Solutions: Fed Ex Ship ManagerĀ® at Fed Ex Ship Manager at enables you to manage your shipping right from the Fed Ex Web site.

With Fed Ex Ship Manager you can prepare shipping labels and air waybills for U. and international destinations, notify your recipient about the shipment via E-mail, and check the status of your shipments in seconds - all without leaving your desk! Government shippers only) For your convenience, we've enhanced our system so that now we only need the Transportation Control Number (TCN) and the ship date to track the status of your shipments.

All you need is a Fed Ex Account Number, an inkjet or laser printer and Netscape Navigator 2.0 or above, or Microsoft Internet Explorer 2.0 or above. Government customers can now get an up-to-the-minute status without having to enter Fed Ex account numbers or package Tracking Numbers.

ATHENS, GEORGIA -- We went to UPS and got direction for shipping perishable product to our father in GA. When took to them and they told us they would package in crate and air ship to GA. We received notice package was damaged in transit and was discarded.

We contacted GA location and they were nice enough to go dig our letters to our father out of the dumpster as well as photograph package. When we contacted Corp and store we were told that claim was denied because we did not follow packaging requirements.

We told them store packaged and they stated that was not true even though we provided emails from ups with pictures showing computer generated labels.

We are out 275 and my father did not get his birthday gift.

This was food that is not made in GA and he is sick and looked forward to this food. HOUSTON, TEXAS -- One of my vendors shipped out time-sensitive material to me yesterday (Thursday) via UPS Next Day Air Saver for today delivery (Friday). I basically stayed home all day waiting for the package to arrive.

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