Video sex chatting on 3g phone

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Video sex chatting on 3g phone - Interactif sex chat sim

You have to download their app (which costs a measly $4.99) and then you’re able to connect with all but two (Love Life and Club Vibe) of the Oh Mi Bod vibrators.While Oh Mi Bod is a one-way pleasure giver (except, of course, from the pleasure you get from pleasing your partner), Lovense has toys for men and women.

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The women’s toy is called “Nora” and it resembles a Rabbit vibrator with a vibrating arm for clitoral stimulation and a rotating dildo for vaginal penetration.Couples playing with Max and Nora can choose to either control each other’s toys via smartphone or play with both toys at once.That means that when an action is taken on Max (say, thrusting), a responding action can be felt via Nora (say, gyrating).It’s a way for couples to have virtual sex, no matter where in the world they’re actually located.When you search “buy Fundawear,” the post that I wrote ages ago* is the first thing that comes up.“Fundawear” is one of the top searches that leads people to Kink&Code and over the past year I’ve heard from a huge number of couples who are separated because of work, military, or visa status but still want to keep intimacy alive.

For those of you who want to buy Fundawear, I have some bad news: Fundawear turned out to be just hype.

Durex – as I’m sure most of you know- isn’t a sex toy company.

They make condoms and, unfortunately, most people don’t think that condoms are very sexy so in order to up their visibility and sex appeal, Durex created the Fundawear ad campaign.

Unfortunately, though, they didn’t follow through on their promise to create the actual product and sell it. In the time since Durex released their little clit tease, there have been many, many awesome sex toy companies that have released similar toys for couples who are interested in keeping “in touch” even when they can’t touch in person.

While you can’t buy Fundawear, the following companies have toys that you can actually purchase and start using with your lover.

Perhaps on of the most famous of the smartphone-controlled sex toys, Oh Mi Bod has a few different options for long distance lovers.

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