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In “First Jobs,” Merritt Watts interviewed dozens of people about their early entries into the workforce.She heard stories of a future mayor shining shoes, an atheist selling Bibles and an Iranian who ran his own printing shop.

When I found out that I had been assigned to work in the office of a video dating service, I just started cracking up.I thought it was crazy that people would try to find dates by watching videotapes!But a temp service will send you anywhere that needs a bit of help.I’d already had a few short gigs that involved shredding paper in a back room all day or putting random files in alphabetical order.I figured that at least the video dating service would be less boring!Video dating was the ’90s version of online dating.

To join, you’d pay a fee and then come in to film your video.The video was just you talking about what you were looking for in a partner, telling them a little bit about yourself and what you liked or didn’t like.Then you could go into a huge room filled with other people’s VHS tapes that had their names and vital stats written on the label.Someone would lead you to the area for people in your age range and you would pick a few that sounded interesting.You could watch them in a screening room right there in the office or check them out and take them home, just like you were at Blockbuster.On Friday nights, the dating service hosted mixers where everyone would come and have cocktails and check each other out in real life.