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Earth Cam and affiliate, Western Alliance for Nature, give everyone the unique opportunity to watch as a colony of California Harbor Seals welcome their new pups into the world.Watch live as the adult seals raise their young and teach them how to swim.

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That translates into roughly 21 million people who have viewed material on web cams.

And on any given day, about two million internet users are checking out remote places or people by using webcams.

These findings about web cam watching come from a nationwide phone survey of 1,450 internet users by the Pew Internet & American Life Project conducted between February 21 and March 21 this year.

The survey has a margin of error of plus or minus three points.

This is the first time the Project asked about use of web cams in its surveys, so it is not possible to analyze the level of growth these figures represent.

However, it is likely that use of web cams has grown in recent years for several reasons: Web cams are relatively cheap – a decent cam unit can be purchased for under – and easy to set up.

The spread of broadband makes it ever easier to display and access images from web cams on computers.

Indeed, 19% of those with broadband at home have checked out web cam images, compared to 13% of those who have dial-up at home.

Moreover, there are growing numbers of ways that people and organizations use web cams. Webcams have also been used in collaborative contexts—connecting doctors, students, musicians and archaeologists across the globe—and in monitoring political candidates’ events.

Web cams allow users to capture digital video and immediately transmit it over the internet. They have been used in reality TV shows, to view remote and environmentally important locales, to increase surveillance of city streets and factories, to allow home buyers to view construction progress, to permit commuters to check out traffic hotspots, and in communications between U. The use of web cams appeals to all kinds of internet users.

Online men are more likely than online women to have viewed images from web cams: 19% of men with internet access have done so, compared to 13% of wired women.

Another way to describe the gender gap is to say that 60% of those who have viewed web cam material are men.

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