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From KFJC - "Angry, disjointed scrap rock with a strong political focus from this SF trio.While this has a distinct punk sound, they reject this term, opting for a more open ended, anti-authoritarian ideology of underground sonic energy." Track listing Side A: Out of Joint, You Fill Me With Inertia Side B: From End to Beginning, The Pig Song FIC-001 RAD CLOUD - "The Tricky Jerk" 7" EP Part Chubby Checker style dance single, part surf music, the A side (or Face A in this case) is a fun toe tapper.

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If it has a garage sound that's most likely because it was recorded in a garage. NP-01 TRUE MUTANTS/FRIZZ - split 7" EP Two songs from each band.

TRUE MUTANTS have been compared to Sonic Youth, Unwound, Gorilla Angreb and other noisy punk bands but as a whole don't really sound like any of them.

FRIZZ also play noisy stuff but in a more indie influenced way that's not too far off from Nirvana.

Track listing Side A: Neon Piss - Burn, Sourpatch - Say That I'm Not Over, Synthetic ID - Rewiring, Street Eaters - Dead Parts, Comadre - Cold Rain, No Statik - Male Gaze, Apogee Sound Club - Defiance, Index - I Tried To Deal, True Mutants - Morning, Hunting Party - Pleasure Island, Violent Change - Kill Your Mother Side B: Permantent Ruin - Legacy/Vendido, C'est Dommage - The Transitory Nature of Modern Employment, Cold Circuits - Remote User, Saint Lorena - Filth Queen, Daikon - Carry Me Home, Replica - Strings, Endemics - Sutures, New Flesh - Kneel and Prey, Huff Stuff Magazine - Yesterdays News, Nasty Christmas - Broken Road FIC-0.006 Various - "Fullyintercoastal" cassette One song from each of the five current Fullyintercoastal bands plus the C'mel version of "Where Now", none of which appear on any of the records.

New Ventures Western Team, 2012 to Present •New Ventures/Exploration focused- Responsible for evaluating multiple basins and identifying new oil plays in the Western US (Cretaceous, Pennsylvanian, Mississippian, Devonian) •Presented resource assessment and development plans of oil rich formations to executives •I am characterizing and coordinating data integration methods to help frame oil potential in areas overlooked by the petroleum industry •Solid technical data skillset- GIS, sequence stratigraphy, log analysis, probit plots, horizontal drilling support S. New Mexico Team, 2008-2011 •Developing horizontal oil programs for the Wolfcamp and Delaware formations for new wells in the Delaware Basin •Presented a review of a liquids rich shale study in the Delaware Basin and coordinated a data gathering program involving gas isotope levels, vitrinite maturities, geomechanical stress properties, petrophysical classifications, fracture orientations, and core data.

•Currently following 2 of 8 continuous drilling rigs in S. New Mexico as a result of our unconventional shale team’s recommendations in the Delaware Basin •Evaluating re-completion opportunities in Lea County in all producing formations: one of the better successes was a Wolfcamp recompletion that added 260 BOPD •Assist drilling and completion engineers with planning directional wells to identifying perf intervals for completions based upon pilot and lateral hole data.

•Working with geophysicist using 3D seismic to identify incised Morrow sand channels into the Chester limes in northern Lea County, New Mexico and identify shallow Delaware sand channels. 1.1 MMCFD for vertical wells •Assisted team with evaluation and recommendations for 20 well drilling program each year in the Fruitland coal bed methane, Pictured Cliffs sands, Mesaverde sands, and Dakota sands •Made re-completions recommendations for Lewis shale/sand and Upper Pictured Cliffs sands, Upper Pictured Cliffs were adding ~300 MCF/D to existing production, Lewis Shale re-completions were adding ~75MCFD to production •Aided decisions on prioritizing well workovers at field reviews •2007 college recruiter for Devon Interns, OSU, OU, LSU, CSM Western Oklahoma Team, 2002-2006 •Geological evaluation & prospect generation in structural and stratigraphic plays: Alpar Field, Hemphill Co., TX. FIC-005 c'est dommage - "Routine Pleasures" You could call this '90s indie revival but the folks in c'est dommage never stopped loving and playing the stuff that they were into 20 years ago.Comparisons to the likes of PAVEMENT, SUPERCHUNK, FUGAZI and RITES OF SPRING aren't much of a surprise. Track Listing Side A: Wood Pigeons, The Transitory Nature of Modern Employment, From Timid to Timbuktu, This is a Transfer Point, Shallow Seas Side B: Oh Shit Man I'm Totally Fucking Sorry, The Failing Pedestrian Bridge, The Long Change, Routine Pleasures, Slanted Doors cost: ppd in the USFIC-004 DAIKON - "Complaining Songs" LP The band's second full length but first to see a proper vinyl release.Ten songs recorded with Jack Shirley at The Atomic Garden in the Spring of 2013. Eight pop gems in 25 minutes from three folks who obviously came of age in the '90s.Stream or purchase in digital form the whole record here. Track Listing Side A: Oscar, Time to go and Slay, Candy Wrapper Silver, Glass Side B: Muzzle Loader, Los Gatos, Going to Bed Angry, Slow Clap .The record comes with an amazing comic book/lyric sheet put together by the folks at Mission Mini Comix.

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