Who is julie walters dating

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Who is julie walters dating

‘But when it started to grow, everyone said they loved it. And, frankly, it’s great not to have to dye my roots every five minutes, which my dear mum did into her 70s.’ ‘I’ve never had Botox or surgery – do you even have to ask? Not that I would ever formally announce it – that would be naff – but I thought, “I can actually just sit back and only do things that really grab me now”.’So she pootled along and spent a few weeks working on the final Harry Potter film, in which she played Molly Weasley, before casually mentioning at the wrap party that she didn’t really feel like doing much.

I went to St Paul’s and bought my pensioner’s ticket. ” I love people knowing my age.’ When Julie reached 60, a rumour was going round that she was retiring. In truth, Julie says, she harboured a ‘romantic image’ of pottering about on the farm in a desultory fashion.

‘I’m a bit of a natural shepherdess,’ she hams in a Linda-Snell-of-the-Archers sort of voice. I feed the gorgeous orphan lambs.’ But reality swiftly intruded.

‘When I was at home more, I suddenly found it was much busier than I thought. After a while, I was thinking, “God, give me a job!

”’So Julie won’t be renouncing work to lead a life of bucolic obscurity, which is a mercy because she is that rare amalgam: a fine serious actress with a matchless gift for comedy.

Julie Walters is sporting her au naturel hair colour.

It’s a dappled grey, and there’s a farcical saga about how she came by it.

It starts when she shaved her head to play the late MP Mo Mowlam, who was stricken by cancer, in a Channel 4 drama.

‘As my hair was growing back, I wore an acrylic wig.

It was a very similar colour to my dog, and when I came downstairs in the morning without my glasses on, I’d almost put the dog on my head instead,’ she cackles.

The wig drove her mad – the itching, the heat – so one day she threw it off.

‘My husband said, “You look exactly as I thought you would…” ’ – pause for comic effect – ‘ “…

just like Harry Hill.” I did look massively butch,’ she concedes. ‘I love my vegetable patch and my greenhouse [she lives on an organic farm in West Sussex with husband Grant Roffey, 54, who runs the property], so I did think I could possibly retire.