Who is kid rock dating now in 2016

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Who is kid rock dating now in 2016

en miles outside town on a two-lane county road, just past the trailer park and across the street from Hank Williams Jr.'s place, there's a driveway with a poster that says "Re-Elect Sheriff Russell Thomas." Beyond a gate, a dirt road winds around a small lake, past a "Don't Feed the Hippies" sign, leading to a brown double-wide trailer (Wi Fi password: Troublewide). The next day, when she asked where they were eating, he said Chicago.

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They've been hunting on Rock's 500-acre property since a.m. "I guarantee you ain't seen this before." As Gabe makes turkey sandwiches and Rock makes small talk, his girlfriend, Audrey, arrives in a pickup truck, just back from Walmart. Rock introduces his buddy Gabe, a portly local salesman who sold Rock a dog. " It's noon on a sunny Thursday in Troy, seat of Pike County.Audrey spends much of her time here now; she loves to hunt, though she had to take a break a few months ago when she broke her leg in a nighttime ATV crash. I bought it when Obummer came into office, because I'm thinking, ' What if he fuckin' bans guns?Rock heads across the road to his huge barn, a man cave decked out with a pool table, a full bar and a safe stocked with guns: a .22 rifle, two custom .45 pistols with ivory handles inside a case marked "American Badass Set," and a semiautomatic with a silencer. ' " Rock loads a few of them into one of his four-wheelers and we head into the woods, cruising his ragged dirt roads.He's installed several cameras in trees to keep track of wildlife from his barn: deer, coyotes, bobcats — and lately, feral hogs, which have been damaging his property. "A nice green field — they fucked it all up," he says.

Then we reach the clearing with Rock's badass surprise: a small cage trap containing three fat, wide-eyed hogs. "We're about to do some murderous shit."ock, whose real name is Bob Ritchie (most friends call him Bobby), fell in love with Pike County on hunting trips with Hank Williams Jr., a local hero thanks to his rowdy anthems and unabashed conservative politics; his father, country pioneer Hank Williams Sr., is buried about 35 miles away, in Montgomery. mentioned that a neighbor's neglected property was for sale, Rock agreed to buy it sight unseen.They wandered into it this morning, lured by the corn inside. "Great people, man — just small-town America," Rock says."If World War III breaks out, you know where I'll be." There's a nearby landing strip for his private jet, so he can easily travel to his houses in Michigan, Malibu, Nashville (where he also lives out of a double-wide) and Florida. "Just drive a pickup truck onto the tarmac, leave your keys in the car, get on the plane." Hank Jr. "The snakes around here are bad news, and this area really has a lot of them," says Williams, who is 65."You gotta know what the hell you're doing down here. We're not having pizza over on Long Island." Rock has spent some of his favorite nights at Williams' place with singer Jamey Johnson, who owns property on a nearby golf course."I ain't never met a stranger down here — and nobody's stranger than me and Bobby," Johnson jokes.Recently, the pair's friendship was tested when Johnson asked to use Rock's land to hunt with his daughter, and then overstayed his welcome.

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