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Moon Zappa and "Matchbox Twenty" drummer Paul Doucette just finalized their divorce ... their daughter will live like a glamorous Hollywood princess. 9-year-old Mathilda will get the standard celeb kid trappings -- private schools and music lessons -- but Moon and Paul also signed off on ..."photo or video shoots for Mathilda's career." Also ...

"If You're Gone" and "How Far We've Come." Sappy adult contemporary -- supporting famous kids since 2014.The official music video was uploaded to You Tube on July 30, 2012.While this is going on, a girl (Danish model Stephanie Corneliussen) walks in and causes mayhem, such as by destroying Brian Yale's bass, throwing vinyl records at the band, crashing a bicycle into Paul Doucette's Drum kit, ripping wires out of the wall, pouring coffee on the Mixing console, setting the drums on fire, and spraying the band with a fire extinguisher.A music video was released for the song on July 30, 2012.We had to write an entire song over this chord progression.The basic melodic structure was written in a few minutes.

David Greenwald of Billboard Magazine commented that the song "recalls the band's late '90s early days," and that "With lyrics about a bad girl who "drinks Bacardi in the morning," it's ready to soundtrack a future 'Jersey Shore' episode, or at least a summer at the beach." Lyrically, it talks about wanting something that's not good for you.

According to the band, it can be interpreted in two ways; a guy wanting a girl who's not nice to him or wanting things that are bad for you, not knowing they're bad for you, and saying, 'I still want it'." "She's So Mean" received generally favorable reviews from music critics.

Melinda Newman of Hit Fix was positive, calling it "an ear worm waiting to invade your brain and not let go for the rest of the year." She also complimented the production, calling it "deceptively simple, but each drumbeat, every little yelp by Rob Thomas, only makes the song more seductive." While reviewing the album, Steve Lapore of Pop Matters was mixed, writing that the song "sounds like Matchbox Twenty are trying to teach young whippersnappers like Adam Levine a thing or two about this hit-makin’ business.

They sound uncomfortable and too old to be singing about an 'uptown/downtown/anything-goes-girl'." "She's So Mean" debuted on the Australian ARIA Charts at number 48, on the week of July 1, 2012.

After weeks of rises and falls, the song peaked at number 26, on the week of August 12, 2012, remaining at the peak position for another week.

After two weeks of falling, the song climbed again to number 26."She's So Mean" is a song by American alternative rock band Matchbox Twenty.

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